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New Device Brings Internet to Your Car; Christmas Parade in HDTV for First Time

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A prototype of Motorola's iRadio, which allows drivers to access e-mail, play music and navigate while in the car.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — There is a new twist to this year's Raleigh Christmas Parade on WRAL. Plus, imagine an all-in-one radio, navigation system and e-mail device on your dashboard. iRadio Brings the Internet to the HighwayRadios go back to the early days of the automobile. In a couple of years, radios will also offer navigation, customized audio programs and even e-mail in a voice-activated platform.

iRadiofromMotorolais a completely hands-free system that will pick up standard radio stations which users program into the system.

Its "dynamic navigation" connects to a data center that feeds up-to-the-minute information on traffic conditions.

"The driver now has at their disposal all the information, all the content that's readily available from any personal computer or office computer in the vehicle," says Motorola's Brian Santoro.

iRadio will charge a subscription fee for the service. Christmas Parade in High-DefinitionThe56th Annual Raleigh Christmas Paradeis certainly a big deal. It begins at 10 a.m. Saturday in downtown Raleigh.

As usual, WRAL-TV will broadcast the parade on Channel 5. However, our digital production truck will be used, allowing the first broadcast of the parade in high-definition television.

Producing the parade for standardandhigh-definition TV is a technical and creative challenge.

"A standard television signal is much different than a high-definition signal, so there are a lot of technical challenges," says WRAL producer Randy Mews. "Perhaps the biggest challenge is simply the fact that we're shooting in wide screen, so everything we do, from graphics to camera angles, has to be accounted for."

The HDTV version of the parade will be videotaped and broadcast onWRAL Digital, Channel 53 at 6 p.m. Saturday.



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