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Robbery Turns into Shooting, Carjacking, Kidnapping; Infant Not Harmed After Car Crashes

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DURHAM — July 18, 1996 - 12:50 p.m. EDT

An infant was caught in the middle of a robbery shootout and a carjacking today in Durham.

The child's father was buying a car battery at an Advance Auto Parts store when shots rang out from inside a pawn shop next door.

Police say several armed suspects shot at a gun case inside Pat's Pawn Shop on Holloway Street, robbed some customers, then fled.

The owner of the pawn shop said the suspects created a frightening scene.

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Durham police say two pawn shop customers also were robbed. But the violence didn't end there.

Next door, in the Advance Auto Parts parking lot, a customer had just bought a battery and got into his car. A clerk heard the gunshots and saw the robbers approach the customer.

Eyewitness Dieva Hill said the chaos continued outside when the baby's father realized what was going on.

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The suspects sped off, but their getaway car crashed at Liberty and Alston Streets. a href="/news/graphics/wral/jacked-car.jpg">

Witness Betty Pilgrim saw that part.

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Police recovered more than a dozen handguns and a bag of cash from the pawnshop. One suspect was severely injured; the other fled the scene before police arrived

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