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Local Company To Make Dressing Rooms A Thing Of The Past

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CARY — If you have trouble getting the right fit in new apparel, technology developed in the Triangle will soon be working for you. A Cary company will soon introduce shopping center kiosks where you can determine and store your exact body measurements.

"When people measure themselves, they do it inaccurately. In fact, professional tailors do it inaccurately," says Commack Morton, ImageTwin founder.

ImageTwindeveloped byTC2measures very accurately. More than body 100 measurements are taken with scanning lights and cameras.

"Lights flash for about 12 seconds. We capture 200,000 data points on your body which gives us an accuracy to within an eighth of an inch," says Morton.

Lands' End, the catalog and online retailer, uses the ImageTwin body scanner in a big truck cuurently touring the northern U.S. ItsWeb siteallows you to develop a virtual model based on just a few of your measurements.

In the next year, kiosks will be set up in U.S. shopping malls, at retailers who make their own apparel, and at health clubs.

Morton says the cost of body scans may be included in the cost of clothing. However, the cost of apparel may come down due to the savings in inventory.

"Because it's meant to be online and offline, it's meant to be the true intersection of the Internet and bricks and mortar," he says.

Morton says some Hollywood stars have paid $1,000 for the process so their designer clothes will fit just right.