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Cary Retailer Balks at Town Flag Restrictions

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CARY — July 3, 1996 - 3:09 p.m. EDT

Dan Hunnewell has several Galaxy Fireworks retail outlets throughout the Southeast, but the two in Cary don't look like any of the rest.

Hunnewell, in order to comply with town restrictions, used a neutral color for his tent and abandoned the colorful streamers his other tents sport. He says he will not, however, take down the eight American flags situated atop the Cary tents, despite the $800 he's already been fined.

Hunnewell says it's a matter of principal.

I don't know how they can consider the American flag a sign," Hunnewell said, "But it's my constitutional right to fly as many American flags as I want to."

The Town of Cary defines a sign as anything used to advertise or attract attention to an object or a business. It says while one flag is, indeed a flag, the flying of more than one is advertising.

Ricki Barker, Cary's interim planning director says the town has also asked fast-food chains to remove inappropriately displayed flags in the past.

By closing time Thursday, Hunnewell will probably have to pay another $400 in fines. He says he will not pay them. He may also have to face criminal charges.

"I guess we'll be going to court," said Hunnewell

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