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Chatham County Brochure Offends Hispanics

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SILER CITY — July 2, 1996 - 11 a.m. EDT
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  • A Chatham County task force on the Hispanic population is handing out brochures to newcomers in the growing Hispanic community that many people find offensive.

    Among the admonitions in the brochure are advisories against keeping goats and chickens in yards, drunk-driving, wife-beating, and the playing of loud music after 10 p.m.

    Hispanics and their advocates in the community say the brochure is demeaning, racist and filled with crude stereotypes.

    The authors of the brochure, some town commissioners and members of the Hispanic task force, say the brochureisn'tracist and is intended only to familiarize Hispanic newcomers with community standards. There are no Hispanics on the Hispanic task force, and none were involved with the development of the brochure.

    Of Siler City's 6,000 residents, 2,000 are Hispanic.

    Siler says there are plans to fine-tune the translation of the brochure, but not to alter the content.

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