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Cary Company Offers Inside Look At Area 51

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CARY — A Cary company is offering a virtual trip to one of the most mysterious places in the United States, Area 51.

Area 51 is 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Until a few months ago, the government denied its existence.

Cary's3dVillageused photographs and images from a Russian satellite to put together a walking tour of the site, also known as Dreamland.

"The photographs are really pretty concise, so we were able to pretty much model the entire base, building for building," says interactivity programmer Joe Phillips.

Area 51 is rumored to be where the government developed secret military aircraft such as the F-117 fighter and the B-2 bomber.

In the walking tour, visitors are spies. The mission is to photograph the secret projects underway. Those who get caught in the game, are literally dragged out by their heels.

"You'll be able to drop down to the desert floor via the Web and be able to explore the entire 60-square-mile campus now," says marketing officer Greg Meluch.

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