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Governor Hunt May Recall Lawmakers

Posted June 24, 1996 7:00 a.m. EDT

— June 25, 1996 - 7:46 p.m. EDT

After the General Assembly adjourned without settling on a new state budget, many in the state were shocked. Governor Jim Hunt was among them, and he's talking to people all over the state before he decides whether or not to call legislators back to Raleigh.

One of the possible victims of a broken budget would be Wake Technical Community College, where students learn trades that help them get jobs.

Dr. Bruce Howell of Wake Tech says even aside from the fact that teachers' salaries rank 15th out of 15 in the southeast, the school needs more money for equipment.

Governor Hunt says he is deeply disappointed in what the legislature did not do. He spent Tuesday polling educators and education administrators to find out what they think he should do. He says he plans to have many more meetings in coming weeks while he makes up his mind on calling a special session.

Community colleges were looking for $57 million more dollars from the failed budget session. Officials say there are also more than 12,000 new students entering public schools this fall, and there is no money budgeted to pay for new teachers.