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Pay Bills Online; Save the 'Wild, Wild West'

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RALEIGH — If you are online, you can soon save time, postage and the hassle of paying your electric bill. And, do you remember last spring's "Wild, Wild West" movie? Well, get ready for the computer game from right here in the Triangle.

CheckFreeis one of the most popular and secure online payment services. The electronic payment service operates in conjunction with several online banks and financial service companies.

A new customer,Carolina Power & Light, will begin offering online payment using CheckFree this fall.

CP&L is already allowing customers tocheck their billsand electric usage online. Ademonstration siteshows how your bill would appear online. The service uses encryption to protect personal information.

About a year ago, Cary'sSouthPeak Interactivebegan working on a computer game based on the movie "Wild, Wild West." Next month, the game will be released.

James West rides into town to help prevent the assassination of President Ulysses Grant. We watched SouthPeak programmers build the wire frame images for the production last spring. In the demo, West enters Street's Tavern.

The player moves West through the room looking for clues used to solve the puzzling games, and there is some shooting.

A western just cannot get along without that. However, we saw no gory stuff in the demonstration. All in all, "Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin" seems pretty challenging.

Game-maker SouthPeak worked closely withWarner Brothersand hopes to capitalize on the popularity of the "Wild Wild West" movie.


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