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Residents Sound Off About Noisy Nightclubs

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RALEIGH — June 11, 1996 - 6:59 p.m. EDT

The sound of thumping bass coming from a passing car stereo is annoying and familiar to many, but at least it goes away. When the same sound emanates from a nightclub, it can go on for hours if you live nearby.

It's a problem some Raleigh residents desperately want taken care of.

The loud music at Marzz dance club in North Raleigh, for instance, sounds great to those inside, but makes for a miserable miserable for residents of the nearby Forest Acres neighborhood. That's why the Raleigh City Council enacted a temporary ordinance last month for entertainment centers. It called for class-two clubs to stop providing amplified sound after 1 a.m.

Linda Miller, a Forest Acres resident, says there has to be a balance between the needs of the business and its neighbors.

Club owners and residents met with the Law and Public Safety Committee Tuesday. After hearing from both sides, committee members voted to revoke the time constraints.

Bob Ray of the North Raleigh Hilton told WRAL-TV5'sKelly Wrightthat businesses have a leg itimate position, too. Miller says most residents aren't as concerned about the time the music plays as they are about the level of sound.

In the past few weeks, Club Marzz invested $35,000 to further reduce noise levels and the City of Raleigh is considering leasing sound equipment that could determine the noise level from clubs such as Club Marzz.

Apparently, it is cheaper and just as effective to post police officers about a thousand feet away from the club to determine through their own hearing if the sound is too loud.

Another meeting is planned for the near future

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