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Take An Online Approach To Homeschooling; MSN Inadvertently Charges Customers

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RALEIGH — If you get your Internet access from Microsoft, there could be a surprise on your bank statement. In addition, if you need help setting up a home school, you will find everything you need online. Take An Online Approach To HomeschoolingHomeschooling is growing in North Carolina and across the country. Many parents feel their children can learn better at home; however, parents must find materials and tests to make the process work. There is plenty of help online, includingHomeschool.comand many others.

Recently,Amazon.comcombined all its books, games, software and other homeschooling material in a special on-line section.

The Homeschooling Store offers answers to basic questions, reference material, lesson plans and books. There is a wide variety of education reference software, including help with tests.

Test Prep Central offers guides and help for parents and students. The Learn At Home series provides lesson plans and activity sheets for kindergarten through sixth-grade.

Home schoolers use the Internet consistently in the education process, and now there is even more help from Amazon. MSN Inadvertently Charges CustomersSubscribers to the MSN Internet Access Service should check their bank and credit card statements.

While checking out a new billing system last week, MSN made what it calls inadvertent authorizations to close to 1,000 accounts.

MSN says no charges were actually made. The money was reserved on some charge and debit cards.

The company is working with its financial partners to clear up the problem which they expect to be resolved in a day or so.

MSN recommends subscribers check with their credit card company or bank for any unexpected amounts held against their accounts.

Financial institutions are aware of the problem and are working on it with MSN.