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Schools, Businesses Join Forces On Internet

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WAKE COUNTY — Wake County teachers and Triangle businesses have a new way to connect on the Internet.

TheWake County Business Education Networkwebsite was funded by MCI Worldcom with a $100,000 grant.

Kevin Gahan ofMCI Worldcomsays they have a good appreciation for the website.

"We have learned a lot about the power of the Internet to be able to connect individuals, corporations and communities together," Gahan said.

The interactive site does that with databases listing allWake County schools, and more than 100 businesses.

Cathy Williams of Wake County Schools says the website puts all teachers, kindergarten through 12th grade, in touch with people in the business community who have something to offer, resources to give, and are willing to be partners with the schools."

"Teachers can look for specific businesses, and they can look for businesses by location," Williams said. "They can look for specific resources that they are looking for."

Williams says businesses can do the exact same thing.

"Businesses can find high schools, middle schools, elementary schools in the area, and really connect with somebody in the school system," Williams said.

Eric Houck, Director of Partnerships and Research forWake Education Partnership, says in the future, students can search for internships as teachers serve "externships."

"Teachers can get out into the business community, and see exactly what businesses are looking for, and what they are talking about when they are talking about job readiness skills."

The web site is touted as a significant tool in achieving the school system's goal of having 95 percent of third- and eighth-grade students meet or exceed their tested grade level by 2003.

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