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IBM Launches Software that Puts More Information in the Palm of Your Hand

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — In just a few years, most cell phones and handheld organizers will offer Internet access and Web content similar to what we now get on our desktops. To speed up the process,IBMis making it easier for people using the "wireless Web" now to download graphics and pictures.

IBM's WebSphere Transcoding Publisher software downloads information in real time from the Internet, including graphics and pictures.

Some personal digital assistants, or PDAs, do not display graphics and pictures, but a growing number of handheld devices do.

"We're at a point where we will be able to see the rich kind of graphics translated into the images that the device can handle," says Ed Harbour, with IBM Connected e-business Marketing. "Then you really can see that map or picture of your soccer star if you will."

IBM's large group of Java programmers tackled the problem here in Research Triangle Park, and we may see their efforts very soon.

"It will require the Internet Service Provider to provide the access through software such as this," explains IBM's Harbour. "But other than that, this will happen very, very quickly."

IBM's new program will be offered in 10 languages and debuts in the U.S., the Far East and Europe next week.