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IBM Develops New Chipset For Faster Wireless Data

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — IBM scientists in New York have developed a new chipset that they say will enable wireless devices to transmit and receive data 10 times faster than Wi-Fi networks.

Utilizing what IBM calls silicon germanium, the chip set utilizes unlicensed radio spectrum.

The chipset can embed antennae for transmission and reception. The entire package is about the size of a dime.

According to IBM, several unidentified companies are "exploring the potential of including these chipsets in their products."

"In the past, wireless has always lagged in speed compared to wired communications, making it frustrating for users who want to enjoy the same access and applications regardless of where they are," said Dr. T.C. Chen, vice president of science and technology at IBM Research. "This new technology has the capability to reduce or eliminate this 'download divide,' realizing the full potential of wireless communications and changing the way we live."

Previous chipsets attempting to exploit the radio frequency (30 to 300 gigahertz) used by the new IBM chips were "too large, expensive and difficult" to integrate into products, according to IBM.

Potential applications include personal area networks for high-speed intra-office communications such as the linking of wireless devices with desktops or streaming high-definition video from a DVD player to a display screen, IBM said.

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