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Troopers Meet With Superiors To Boost Performance, Traffic Safety

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RALEIGH, N.C. — If you've ever been summoned before the boss to report on your progress, you can relate to the first-ever North Carolina Highway Patrol "Troop Stat". In a new approach to accountability, patrol supervisors have to show the top brass what they're doing to reduce speeding, wreckless driving, and crashes.

On the streets of Wake County, there has been an 11 percent reduction in crashes in the four months after the operation.

"We worked (Interstate 40, Interstate 440, and Interstate 540) on a rotating basis," said 1st Sgt. David Langley. "The patrol would work I-40 on Monday, I-440 on Tuesday, I-540 on Wednesday, and we rotated it between the three agencies."

Troop Stat is the Highway Patrol commander's idea to give each district the flexibility to develop its own strategy. But, as this session showed, they have to show results.

"We're going to ask them some tough questions, then look for improved performance if they're deficient in certain areas," said Col. Fletcher Clay.

One tangible result from the meeting: Patrols will be stepped where Highway 64 splits with the Highway 64 bypass in Wendell. There is an average of one wreck a week there, and troopers are going to give the area more attention.

The patrol will hold similar meetings across the state. The plan is to meet in each region at least once a year.