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Raleigh Cyber Publishers Offer Creative Books for Children

Posted October 31, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— Cyber publishers are offering some very original and creative books for your children.

The headquarters ofChapter and Verseis a tiny building behind Dr. Robert Schrag's Raleigh home. He andN.C. Statestudent Sarah Miano publish children's books for their online bookstore.

"We are actually making money, and we hope to make more money," said Schrag.

Buyers visit the Chapter and Verse Web site, browse the titles, check out the authors and illustrators and order online for $7.50 per book. Pages then may be printed with the color illustrations.

Schrag, who teaches communication at N.C. State, says the Internet offers opportunity to aspiring writers.

"It allows you to get authors and illustrators to new audiences at a much greater level of cost efficiency," explained Schrag.

Miano, whose father does illustrations for some of the books, says writers are anxious to join the bookstore.

"Not all of it is great, but we have found some very talented writers, and we actually like to find new writers," said Miano.

The books are intended for readers from kindergarten to young adult. Schrag says the key to good books is good story telling.

"There is a core of good story telling out there that can be brought to children, and we want to bring new entries to that core of very good story telling for children," said Schrag.