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Meningitis Case Reported at Lee County School

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SANFORD — May 31, 1996 - 2:25 p.m. EDT

Health officers in Lee County have their hands full now that a second-grade student at J. Glenn Elementary School has a form of meningitis.

Health workers say it is not the very contagious form.

Her family and close friends have been treated as a precaution.

No classmates show symptoms, but they'll be monitored for 10 days, also as a precaution.

Meningitis is an infection and inflammation of your central nervous system. The infection usually begins in another part of your body, often your respiratory system. The bacteria attack the fluid and membranes, called meninges (muh-NIN-jeze), around your brain and spine. Symptoms include fever, severe headache or vomiting, confusion or drowsiness, progressive lethargy and a stiff neck. Emergency symptoms are coma, stupor and convulsions.

The meningitis report follows a rubella outbreak in the county, mainly among migrant workers

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