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Interactive Messaging System 'Pings' Your Memory

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RALEIGH — What if you could have a secretary 24 hours a day at no charge? You can -- on the Internet. A new interactive messaging program atiPing.comcan be your personal assistant.

First, you sign in using your Username and password.

Then, type in any message you want, and set the date and time for the automated reminder. iPing contacts you with a "ping" -- actually a phone call or pager message -- to remind you of most anything.

The "Mr. WakeUp" service calls you anywhere, even in hotel rooms. Tom tested the reminder service and it worked, but he had to listen to a commercial on his voice mail.

The "Mr. Notify" service sends a message of your choice to groups of people, perhaps about a business meeting or a party.

"Ms. FollowUp" automatically traces packages from most delivery services and lets you know when the package is delivered.

"Dr. Dose" even offers a feature that calls you with a reminder to take medicines, although there is a disclaimer: iPing does not want to be liable if a call is missed.

All of the calls Tom received came within five minutes of the time he requested they arrive.

There is even a financial service that pings you with stock market information from the Wall Street Journal.

The service works with regular and cell phones and pagers.

The iPing Web site says the company will soon be delivering its service to personal digital assistants as well.

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