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Freelink Virus Worms Its Way Through E-Mail

Posted October 8, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— There is a new computer virus going around, and it is being compared to theMelissa virusthat struck earlier this year.

The new bug is called theVBS.Freelink virus, and it affects Windows 95, 98 and 2000.

Every time you start up your PC, it asks you if you want a shortcut to an adult Web site, and it sends infected e-mails through Microsoft Outlook.

Experts say the virus will not damage your files, but it is an irritant.

"If you get e-mail from someone saying they sent you an attachment you asked for and you've never asked for it, then you shouldn't execute what you've received," says N.C. State computer science professor Chris Healey.

"You should always be careful whenever you receive anything, even from people you know," Healey says.

To protect yourself from the VBS virus, look for an e-mail subject heading that says "check this" and "have fun with these links, bye." Then, make sure you do not open the attachment.

You can also protect yourself by using an anti-virus program. Reporter: Lynda Loveland