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New Medical Software Offers Relief For Doctors, Patients

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CHAPEL HILL — Doctors in the Triangle have new software that is prescribing relief for their patients.Medic Computer'sAutoChart electronic record-keeping program provides efficiency.

Dr. Paul Suh of the North Carolina Spine Center says doctors can use the new software to get patients' information.

"We're aren't looking for charts. We're not waiting and seeing so we treat patients better in that respect," he says.

Unlike the Spine Center, the medical community in general has been slow to adopt the technology, but that belief is changing.

"They've seen the successes and impact that it can make in other parts of their business. So now they're much more willing to allow that to start happening in the clinical side of the business," says Tom Skelton, CEO of Medic Computer Services.

The system is a real help to nurses, other clinic workers and patients.

"If they (patients) call in the very next day, the note is in the computer," says clinical services manager Donna Gesell. "The doctor can refer back to it instantly even if he's only seen them one time."

Computers, equipped with software from the Triangle, make medical practices more efficient and record-keeping more accurate -- a healthy move.