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Berry Farmers Say Cary is Picking on Them

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CARY — May 23, 1996 - 12:44 p.m. EDT

The signs are everywhere ... except in Cary.

Town leaders have decided now is the time to start cracking down on illegal placement of signs along public roadways. They couldn't have picked a worse time for strawberry farmers who say there was no warning before their signs were removed.

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Copeland has placed her signs in the same spots for 15 years and never had so much as a complaint. She says she feels strawberry growers are being singled out.

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Phillips says if they can't put signs up showing people where to go during the six week season, farms like herscouldgo out of business.

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Growers say they are determined not to let the town close their strawberry fields forever. They've put the signs back up and say they'll take their chances.

Town leaders say they'renotsingling out growers, but are cracking down on everyone breaking the sign laws.

They say they want all signs, including real estate and political signs, off public property.

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