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Cary Company Produces Digital Business Cards

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CARY — Traditional business cards are going high-tech to give out important contact information. A Cary company can put the story of your business in a prospect's pocket.

Ceredigm, a multimedia marketing and training company in Cary, produces digital business cards. The small CD-ROMs are portable and can be handed out anywhere.

"You're carrying away a tiny, little business card. You're going to get those anyway," says Ceredigm president Kelley McNeil. "Why not have one that has a 50-page catalog on it or a brochure?"

Ceredigm produced a CD-ROM business card forHumanCentric Technologies. The card contains a multimedia presentation about the company and can help drive viewers to their Web site for more information.

"If they look at this material, what is the likelihood that they go to your Web site," asks Dr. Douglas Antonelli, vice-president of marketing. "The click-through rate using CD-ROM is about 80 percent."

Digital business cards can cost as little as $1, depending on volume, not including cost of production.

"When you start talking about animation, audio, music, narration, video, then the price goes up," McNeil says.

Prices could be about that of a nice brochure; however, the 40-megabyte capacity of the plastic card allows for a greater presentation. HumanCentric Technologies uses the digital card as part of their sales package.

"We considered it to be a good investment, again, because we have a fairly complicated story to tell," Antonelli says.

Digital business cards are available in smaller and larger sizes and play in personal computers equipped with tray-type CD-ROM players.