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Study Spanish, Speak Swahili, Learn Online

Posted June 17, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— ¿Habla Español? If you don't speak Spanish, you can get free lessons online. There are 49 interactivegrammar tutorialsatStudy Spanishandthe vocabularyis a lot of fun. Tom even picked up a couple of words.

Audio files give a phrase in English then repeats the phrase in Spanish.

Interactive flashcards help with translation, as do some neat matching games. This is fun, even for children. It might give them a head start on Spanish lessons in school.

Berlitzalso offers some online language learning. You can get a taste of Arabic, Czech, Swahili or one of more than a dozen languages through the Language Express program.

For kids, there is a special section where "the accent is on fun." It features jokes, riddles, and pictures to color.