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Apple Unveils New, More Powerful Macs

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NEW YORK — Apple's new models are faster and more colorful than ever. Thousands went to theMacworld Expoin New York City last week to check out the newest Macs from Apple's design teams.

New fall colors for less expensive, more powerful iMacs were unveiled. New displays include a flat panel, 22-inch cinema screen. There is also a new optical mouse and new keyboard.

Apple president Steve Jobs personally unveiled the Power Mac G4 Cube. The design is revolutionary as you can see on theApple Web site.

Quicktimevideo lets you see how the G4 Cube is put together, and you can check out all the features which include simplified wiring.

Devan Black of Raleigh's Ten Plus Systems got a look at the Cube at Macworld.

"The way the machine is designed, it's going to be faster than an iMac. So you could use it for a high-end home user, use it for multimedia projects in schools... and some more complex things with video," Black said.

Macintosh lovers are impressed with the Cube and with the Power Mac G4, available with two 500-megahertz processors. Apple says it will be a few weeks before the new Macs are available.

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