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Thursday Brings Sega Dreamcast, 9-9-99; U.S. Open Storms the 'Net

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RALEIGH — A new computer game that is likely to be a winner with avid gamers hits the market at midnight Thursday. The same day, which is 9-9-99 on the calendar, has some computer users nervous. Plus, you can follow the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament minute-by-minute on the Web. WRAL Technology Reporter Tom Lawrence has details. Sega's Dreamcast SparklesSega's Dreamcasthas been a long time coming. The game, console and 16 games go on sale at midnight Thursday.

After a demo at the Electronic Boutique in Raleigh, Tom Lawrence says the action and graphics are outstanding.

Sega has surpassedSony PlayStationandNintendo 64for the time being.

"The CD-ROM speed is faster, the processor is faster," says store manager Jeremy Salinas. "The games are being built on machines that weren't made two or three years ago when the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 were released." 9-9-99The Year 2000 computer bug is more than 100 days away, but Thursday's date, 9-9-99, has some people worried.

That is because years ago, computer programmers used four nines as a code to stop a program. Some very old programs, primarily on big mainframe computers, could stop running.

Utility companies are running tests on the midnight date rollover, but little trouble is expected. Hit the 'Net for U.S. Open InfoThis is a huge week for tennis and you will find plenty of action online.

The officialU.S. Opentennis Web site offers almost up-to-the-minute scoring and features stories about the players.

Pictures can be found online as matches are under way.

NetCamgives you a courtside view of the action.Interactive viewsof the various courts are also available, allowing you to use your mouse to move the image. There is audio and video available too.

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