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Exploris Promises Visitors a Global Experience

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RALEIGH — Downtown Raleigh's new Exploris museum is scheduled to open soon. WRAL Technology ReporterTom Lawrencegot a sneak preview of some of the technology visitors will use to connect to the world.

Exploris is unique outside and in. Cutting-edge technology used inside sets this museum apart.

Several major Triangle technology companies have donated millions of dollars of equipment to make its exhibits come alive.

"[Video] is delivered over Lucent's cable which runs here, back to the telecom room on DVD," explains John Gordon, Exploris' media producer.

The "Video River" takes visitors on a trip down the Cape Fear River.

Exploris prides itself on being the world's first global experience center. Exhibits will be hands-on, using high-speed Internet access, and a state-of-the-art internal network.

Information will be gathered and updated from around the world.

"We'll run constant, live feeds of international television," says Gordon.

Exploris promotes global respect for the differences between people and an appreciation for our similarities. Seamless, invisible uses of technology make it work.

"It brings those big ideas home to Raleigh in a very personal way, so the person in Senegal who has to gather their water in a certain way can tell their story," says Gordon.

You can get a taste for what Exploris will offer on the museum'sWeb site. Five major exhibit areas are featured with links to interesting educational sites around the world.

The Web site will whet your appetite for the real Exploris opening October 9.