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Triangle Web Site Offers 'Daily Rating' Of Events

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RALEIGH — When life gets hectic, it can be tough to keep track of chores and appointments. A Web site from developed by twoN.C. Stategraduates makes it easy to keep up with just about everything.

A tiny office on N.C. State's Centennial Campus is home toDailyRating.com.

Entrepreneurs Calvin Tarlton and Lance Lovette say the Web site allows users to keep track of anything that might be important in their lives.

"It includes things such as your weight, type of foods you eat, how many hours you spend with your children," Lovette says.

Lovette and Tarlton were encouraged by other area entrepreneurs to develop the site, but they have done the hard work themselves. From designing and coding, to public relations, to making pitches for venture capital these guys do it all.

Using the site is fun and easy. Visitors answer posted questions or make up their own. Interactive e-mail prompts visitors to answer questions or make journal entries.

Information can be a private or shared with family or peer groups.

"If you are part of a Weight Watchers group, you can all sign up for it and you can monitor your weight and what you eat and then give each other support," Lovette says.

Tarlton and Lovette hope to raise their entrepreneurial rating by licensing their technology to other Web sites.

DailyRating.com is free, but registration is required. Lovette and Tarlton say privacy is a key component of their service, which is protected by encryption and passwords.


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