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Web Site Helps 'Techies' Find a Job

Posted August 16, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The technology job market is booming. About 38,000 people work in technology companies inResearch Triangle Park, and even more work in office parks in the area.

The labor market is tight, but a new company is helping "techies" find jobs on the Internet.

Matching people to jobs is whatTechies.comis all about, and there are more technology jobs than people to fill them.

Technology is driving the economy, but the number of people entering technology fields is not keeping up with demand.

Employees find it easier than ever to jump from company to company, and Techies.com is a technology career portal for workers and companies.

The site is going to new heights to draw technology professionals to their Web site. The company recruits in 14 cities including the Triangle area.

Technology companies say they need almost half a million technology workers, and that number could double in four years.

"For every new technology position they have, there's only one to two technology professionals available, and it's going to get worse," said Cindy Smith, branch manager.

Techies.com's campaign includes free ice cream, radio and TV ads. Web site registration is also free for workers. Companies must subscribe to recruit. With so many openings, that is not a bad thing.

"You're combing the area seeking for people who might be somewhat disgruntled in their current position or looking for talent that exists in other companies that might better fit in yours," said Brent Kleinheksel, Planteportal CEO.

Techies.com joins a list of other online job search sites but claims to be unique.

"Because it's confidential. Whether it's a tight market or whatever kind of market, we're going to be successful," said Smith.

Many technology professionals come from Triangle universities, but companies recruit nationwide to fill positions. It's a sellers' market.

"Yeah, there's a lot of offers on the table. A lot of people can basically name their price," said Kleinheksel.

Techies.com is certainly making a big pitch in the Triangle. There is no doubt that lots of techies will check out their site and probably sign up in hopes of moving up in technology.