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Red Storm Launches New Space Game

Posted July 6, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Morrisville's Red Storm Entertainment hopes its new game will send the software company into orbit. "Bang! Gunship Elite" hits store shelves in a few days.

Red Storm Entertainment has been testing its newest PC game for weeks, and it is full of outer space action.

The game's mission is to seek, destroy, or work with a fleet of other ships to get them through certain areas of space, according to Red Storm's Mike Lomas.

Players can use a joystick, mouse or keyboard, and multiplayer action is available. Think of it as a kind of spacebound "Doom" or "Quake."

There are 19 scenarios, and players are able to use a sizable arsenal of weapons. They also can watch more than 30 minutes of real-time 3-D videos. The game's format is first-person space combat, which is a departure for Red Storm's usual fare.

"It's a format or style of game which has not particularly been pushed hard on the PC market," Lomas said. "And it is certainly very much away from our more traditional action, strategy, stealth [games], which we're best known for."

Lomas says the game's special effects were designed to have a high-quality television look.

You can download a demo of "Bang! Gunship Elite" onRed Storm's Web site. The game will be distributed by Cary'sSouthPeak Interactiveand will sell for $40.