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PC Expo Features Wireless Technology; Triangle Company Gets Office Supplies Delivered E-mmediately; IBM Expands Its Memory

Posted June 25, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The newest gadgets at the world's biggest PC trade show are not computers, plus a Triangle office supply company is moving at Internet speed, and IBM moves to increase computer memory, all in Technology headlines. PC Expo:For the first time, the focus will not be on personal computers at this year'sPC Expo.

Show director Christina Condos says the focus will be on "mobile and wireless, e-business, PDAs, basically products that incorporate Web-enabled technology."

  • Print@Kodak:Print at Kodakallows you to upload your digital pictures to the Kodak Web site any time, day or night. Your pictures are printed on photographic paper and mailed back. Prices range from $.49 to $4.49 for single prints. Intel's AnyPoint:Intel's newAnyPointlets you network the computers in your home using wireless transmitter-receivers. Multiple computers can share one Internet access account. Multi-player computer games can be played up to 150 feet away. AnyPoint transmitters cost about $130. L&H's NAK:L&H is showing a voice-activated, handheld computer. The telephone-like NAK uses speech recognition rather than a keyboard. You can send and receive e-mail, create documents and do all your personal organizing using your voice. More than 85,000 people and 500 exhibits are expected at PC Expo. Office Supply Solutions:Raleigh's Office Supply Solutions is cruisin' withGetitQuick.com. The company offers what it calls "e-mmediate" delivery of supplies in the Triangle using a fleet of six PT Cruisers. The accent is on quick service. IBM's Memory Expansion Technology:IBM says its Memory Expansion Technology uses a chip that doubles computer memory. The chip encodes data so less space is used.