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Don't Let Browsers Get Under Your 'Skin,' Move Your Couch Online

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RALEIGH — Ever wonder what your desk would look like on the other side of your home office? The Internet can help you rearrange your furniture. And did you know there are Web browsers other than Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator? There are actually a lot of browsers available free on the Web, and there are some that are really unique. Rearrange Furniture Online

TheLadies' Home Journal Web sitehas a wonderful feature called "furniture arranger" that is helpful and fun to use.

LHJ's furniture arranger first asks you to enter the room dimensions, then add architectural elements like doors and windows. Then you can choose your furniture.

Simply click and drag pieces from the list into the room. The site also gives you hints and suggestions about placement and clearances.

You can arrange a home office, living room or bedroom. There are more than 100 pieces of furniture and accessories from which to choose. Other Web Browsers

You probably useMicrosoft's Internet ExplorerorNetscape Navigatoras your Web browser. However, if you want to try something really cool, check outNeoPlanet. It is free on the Web. NeoPlanet requires Windows 95 or 98, and you must have a late version of Internet Explorer because it uses that browser's features.

So what is the difference? You can customize NeoPlanet with almost 200 different looks. You download small software programs called "skins" from the site. For example, a sports fan could have a Miami Dolphins theme on their Web browser.

Another really useful feature automatically translates Web pages into several languages. You could even read WRAL OnLine in Spanish.

Customized screen savers probably set the stage for custom browsers and when they work as well as NeoPlanet, they could become your favorite.


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