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Racial Slurs Caught on Tape

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HENDERSON — May 1, 1996, 6:42 a.m. EDTAn astonished Realtor returned to a Vance County neighborhood Tuesday to record a woman's alleged racial slurs on tape.

The Realtor had been showing a home to a black family when the prospective neighbor reportedly harassed them with racial slurs.

He was so upset by the comments, he went back a second time with an African-American friend to document the neighbor's actions on tape. Anthony Butler says what he heard and captured on the tape were shocking, including use of the "N-word."

Mary Wilson said she doesn't want to live in a neighborhood that would expose her children to that type of treatment.

The woman accused of making the racial remarks refused to talk on camera, but said she doesn't remember saying those things. She also did not deny them