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Commuters Have Mixed Opinions onNew Beltline Route

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RALEIGH — May 2, 1996 - 11:45 a.m. EDT

If your commute includes the inner beltline loop accessing Interstate 40, you've probably seen some major changes in the past couple of days.

That segment of the cloverleaf has been closed, and replaced with a new exit and a traffic light. Traffic now moves in both directions along Wade Avenue in that area.

A spokesperson for the state Department of Transportation says the new traffic pattern will be much safer.

Alison Whitesell of DOT says it will be confusing for those who see it for the first time.

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Crews have moved barrels and painted some new lines to help redirect drivers.

This change affects the exit many drivers use from the Inner Beltline to get to RDU International Airport.

Some drivers found the new pattern to be a hindrance Thursday.

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Others think the changes are a big improvement.

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Drivers headed to the airport along the outer beltline, coming from the north, will undergo no change in their normal exit.

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