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Some Cary Residents Say Water Hard to Swallow

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CARY — April 30, 1996 - 11:06 a.m. EDT

Bad smelling, bad tasting water has some Cary residents upset and concerned.

Public works officials say the water is safe to drink, but according to some Cary business owners, the odor is taking its toll.

It's in the water, so it's in the tea.It's in the ice, so it's in the soft drinks.

The problem is a chemcial released by algae in Jordan Lake, where Cary draws its water. High levels of anabeena algae release the chemical that now has found its way into the Cary water system.

For Barry Doyle, owner of Barry's Cafe, it not just an inconvenience. Here, the smell is cutting into profits.

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Officials at the Cary-Apex water treatment plant are trying to flush the system with carbon to remove the bad smell and bad taste, but the process will take time.

Until the problem is resolved, Doyle expects to hear a lot more complaints.

The state Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources says that Cary's water meets all safety measures. Spokesperson Robert Bonne says the problem is purely aesthetic and not health related.

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