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The Jurassic Period Meets the Internet Age as Technology Keeps Expanding

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RALEIGH — The Jurassic period met the Internet age this week aseBayauctions off aTyrannosaurus Rexonline. Plus, as technology continues to grow, so do the conveniences of accessing the digital information. One company started a service that allows users to check their e-mail over the phone. eBay "Z" Rex Auction

Tyrannosaurus Rex was among the fiercest of dinosaurs. Now there is one on eBay being auctioned to the highest bidder. Amid the china, artwork, and other antiques is a huge skeleton called "Z" Rex. Bids have exceeded $5 million in the seven-day auction that ends July Fourth.

Owner Alan Detrich claims the dinosaur is the largest-male Rex specimen ever found, some of its teeth are 13 inches long.

You may remember "Sue," a female Rex, was auctioned to a museum a few years ago. The appraisal of "Z" Rex on eBay was done byN.C. State University's Dr. Dale Russell. The respected paleontologist described the skeletal remains in detail for the auction. E-mail Over the Phone

If you do not want to use your computer to check every e-mail message, check outOrchestrate.com. The company's Web site spells out how the $20 a month service works.

First your e-mail is forwarded to Orchestrate servers and converted to computer voice, which enables users to listen to their e-mail messages after calling a specific phone number.

The service also allows users to respond with the touch of a single key. The reply goes back to the sender as a Real Audio file through traditional e-mail.

When users sign up for the service, they get a personalized phone number. You can use any phone, anywhere. Long distance charges are not included in the monthly fee.

The service is just cranking up in more than 4,000 cities in eight countries.

Orchestrate does not read e-mail attachments and voice messages are limited to three minutes. However, users can also continue to use their regular e-mail service.


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