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When it Comes to Wireless Technology, HiddenMind Means Business

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CARY — Wireless technology has revolutionized computers and cell phones. A local company is using the technology to make our lives easier.

There are a lot of different wireless devices, like cell phones and PDAs. They must be able to communicate with each other as well as with wired devices like PCs. That is the problemHiddenMind Technologyis solving.

At least a half dozen different operating systems are used by wireless communications products. HiddenMind believes you should be free to choose which you use and be able to communicate with other devices.

"We have taken from the user all of the complexities of the wireless scene and left to them those things which they actually have to interact with as a human being," says HiddenMind president Kenneth Tyra.

HiddenMind's Java-based software could allow you to change the temperature in a Smart House. Contractors will use it to communicate change orders from the field.

"There are all kinds of things you can do with these devices," says Tyra. "One of them is a wireless transmitter. So that when you want to send messages back and forth or get information off the Internet you can do it."

For example, a symbol device has a scanner on it so it can take inventory in a store and transmit that wirelessly. HiddenMind's software can collect that information and send it to the right places.

HiddenMind is poised for leadership in what is predicted to be the next big leap in communications technology.

"To the extent that we can allow you to do as many things as possible on a wireless device that you could have done on a PC, we've created a huge market. It's clearly in the multi-billion dollar category," says Tyra.

HiddenMind is growing quickly. The company now has 40 employees, but expects to grow to more than 150 within the year.


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