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Microsoft To Offer Added Security Against Computer Viruses; Search Online For Help In Fixing Car, Home

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RALEIGH — If you need help fixing up your house or your car, just go online. WRAL Technology reporter Tom Lawrence also explains how the Internet can add a little color to your life. Microsoft To Create Special Patch For Outlook ProgramsTheLove Bugate its way around the world on the back of Microsoft's e-mail programs. Now the company is fighting back by making big changes in the way Outlook 98 and 2000 work.

"This means that Outlook is a more secure e-mail program," says Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president ofMicrosoft. "It makes it harder for you to transmit or to receive computer viruses."

A patch, offered now in Beta form, also takes away functions many people use. A warning comes up if a program is trying to get to your e-mail address book. You can set an access time limit.

If you get e-mail with an attachment, in many cases, you will not be able to open the attachment. Many file extensions will not be accepted with the patch in place.

Users are already complaining about the way Microsoft went about fixing the problem. Once installed, you cannot uninstall the patch.

Microsoft will not offer its patch for Outlook until late May. However, the Beta form being tried by system administrators is not getting rave reviews.

Several criticize the patch as being too restrictive while others say the company did not go far enough to create stronger security.

Microsoft is also working on a patch for Outlook Express, which is installed on many home systems. Work On Your Home OnlineFinding people to work on your home may be easier with help fromHomeToDo.com.

After signing up for free, you can use pull-down menus to find services you need. You can also request a quote online.

Participating companies are screened by HomeToDo.com, which offers a 30-day guarantee. Dressing Up Your CarBF Goodrichsells its Scorcher tires online.

You can choose from eight different colors for the outside ribs of the tires. The tires are delivered in four to six weeks.