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Gore Promotes 'E-Government' During N.C. Visit

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RALEIGH — During a visit to N.C. State University Monday, Vice President Al Gore asked Americans to join him in using technology and the Internet to create a more responsive government.

"We might think of it as e-government, in which the best of government services are online and interactive so the people have their government at their fingertips," said Gore.

Gore said his plan would cut red tape by putting government services online by 2003.

Online progress reports would measure government performance, online auctions would sell surplus equipment, and digital keys would offer a measure of privacy.

"With your help, I will tear down all the barriers between the different departments and agencies of our government and obliterate the barriers between you and the clear, understandable, responsive, common sense that you have a right to expect," said Gore.

The audience, primarily Gore supporters, heard the vice president call for a national commitment to keep the country at the forefront of the new economy.

"I believe we should double America's investment in information technology and make sure the Internet remains a global, free trading zone," said Gore. "If you entrust me with the presidency, together we can use this new technology to ensure that by 2004 we can look back on the time before e-government, and it will seem as outdated and antiquated as government before the telephone seems today."

Gore stressed e-government would save taxpayers money, but made no mention of what his plan might cost.

North Carolina'sstate governmentis already heavily involved in putting government services online.


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