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Gaming Chair Allows Users To Take Part In the Action

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CARY — A Cary company has the console and computer gaming industry by the seat of its pants. With a chair, Imeron can make you hear and feel like animated computer game characters. Computer and video games are getting more and more realistic. Television and movies are using sound and special effects for impact. But believe me, you ain't heard or felt nothin yet. -->

The Intensor LX 350 has five speakers and a motorized element that puts a person in the action, whether it is a game or a movie. Sound comes from everywhere. You hear and feel the explosions. -->

"The chair interprets what's going on and gives you a real-life experience as opposed to just having sound come at you from a television receiver," says Bill Beres, senior vice president of marketing.

Imeron's Intensor line is aimed at game players. New products, including a futuristic clock radio and a wireless home theater sound system, expand what the company calls "immersive entertainment."

"The immersive experience is that the psycho-acoustics and the brain's processing of sound information says to itself, 'This is all around me, not just here or there,'" Beres says.

Younger gamers have their own Intensor seat and a unique vest.

"Two motors in the front of the vest, a motor in the back of the vest that syncs up with a motor inside of the seat with two stereo speakers, will give you that full body, tactile and sound sensation," says Jeffrey de Gracia, vice president of computer products.

Intensor chairs hook up to PCs, Macintoshes, console games or any audio device, and Imeron is not stopping with the sound.

"Eventually, we'll have not only tactile feedback but have smell, colors and the kinds of things that really are an experience for people," Beres says.

The Intensor LX 350 sells for about $170. The seat and vest for youngsters sell for $90.

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