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Start story about five o'clock, police say a robber walked into the willis grocery store on whitfield street. a clerk in the adjoining tackle and bait shop heard commotion and walked into the store. bite 35:47 (***bite***) in q= super=1-lt. richard bryant/fayetteville police out q= runs=0:08 ((he approached the suspect, and he was shot at. he pulled his gun and shot at the suspect, hitting him in the chest.)) (rick) investigators say the robber responded with a hail of gunfire, before he fled. a grocery store employee was hit twice and died. the clerk from next door ... 47-year old danny bayless ... was shot three times. a witness who saw someone running from the scene did not want to be identified. bite 17:15 (***bite***) super=2-witness out q= runs=0:07 ((i just can't believe it. i mean, it hurts, but i can't believe it happened to such a nice set of people as them.)) bite 3:18 (***bite***) in q= super=1-mary mainor/customer out q= runs=0:11 ((my lord, with that little man that be in there. i hate that they got him. he was just so friendly. he was a friendly person, and he'd wait on me a lot in the bait shop.)) bite 40:03 (***bite***) in q= super=5-rick gall/fayetteville out q= runs=0:12 ((after the shooting down by those flashing red lights, police say the suspect ran into this housing complex and knocked on a door, trying to call a cab. but off police.)) bite 37:45 (***bite***) in q= super= out q= runs=0:14 ((officers went up there. they saw a person who fit the description, and they went to approach him, and the person took off running from the officers. he ran over whitfield road down into a ravine, and that's where he was taken into custody.)) (rick) police recovered a fistful of cash when they arrested 42-year old james washington. he faces several charges, including first degree murder .... in a crime that has shaken the surrounding area. rick gall, wral, tv5 news, fayetteville. end eng talent=jim page#= format=tag show=11pm (jim) super=@jpaa police have not yet released the name of the murdered clerk. the other victim and the suspect are both listed in stable condition

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