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IBM Makes Web Page Building Easy

Posted April 29, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Families, individuals and businesses flock to the Internet to make a name for themselves. Now the process is easier than ever.

There is a lot of Web site software on the market that helps the average person build pages. Some browsers even come with site building features already built in.

However, to make a personal or home business Web site stand out, creators may want some pizzazz, and a new product from IBM offers just that.

IBM'sTop Pageoffers a lot of easily-selected pages to use when building Web sites. Users can just follow directions and fill in the blanks. Business owners like Rosemary Zraly say their Web sites bring in customers quickly.

"I have one catalog that goes all over the world," Zraly said. "I can update it at any time, add products, take away products and it's seen all over the world."

The program includes animated graphics and sound.

"It uses drag and drop menus that allow you to imprint music or embed graphics without having to worry about how any of the underlying programming works," says IBM software manager Jonathan Langley.

There's even an audio help wizard.

Successful Web sites are simple to navigate so customers or friends can find what they want. Special effects and multimedia make your site stand out.

"You want to make sure that a customer is a repeat customer, and when he comes back to that Web site there are new things for him to look at, and you want to make sure the site is secure," Langley said.

For about $60, Top Page builds the site. However, users will need to spend about $30 for another program called "Start Up 2 for E-Business" to actually put the site on the Web.

Users will also need an average home computer to build a Web site with Top Page -- minimum 166 processor and 32 megs of ram. Once the site is built, an Internet access provider will usually maintain the site on its server, if the site is not too big.