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Millions Flirting With Filing Deadline

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RALEIGH — April 15, 1996 - 10:20 a.m. EDT
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  • Matt Willoughby reports that The U.S. Postal Service is going into high gear in North Carolina as the deadline approaches. Listen toauorReal Audiofiles. (1558K)
  • Americans have a variety of reasons for delaying their tax preparations until the last minute. Here are a few of them. Listen toauorReal Audiofiles. (896K) -->If you're glancing back and forth between your Form 1040 and the clock, you're not alone. With the deadline for filing 1995 Federal income taxes looming at midnight tonight, theIRSsays it still hasn't received nearly a third of its anticipated mail for this year.
  • Many are expected to file extensions, which allow taxpayers a few more months to get paperwork done, but which must include payment if payment is due.

    Many area post offices will stay open late to handle the overflow and to enable last-minute filers to get that April 15 postmark.

    In Raleigh the Avent Ferry, Brentwood and Cameron Village branches will be open until 10 p.m.

    Closing at midnight will be Crabtree Valley, North Hills, North Ridge and Capitol Blvd. branches.

    Main post offices in Durham and Fayetteville will remain open until midnight. O

    Filing by telephoneor electronically are other options to sitting in line at the post office, but may take just as long. Busy signals and internet jams are the price you'll pay for waiting until today

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