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Knightdale Farm To Feed Brits

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KNIGHTDALE — April 10, 1996 - 12:45 p.m. EDT

Mad Cow Disease has been bad news for the United Kingdom, but could provide a windfall for a Knightdale business. Oro Verde Farms is gearing up to ship thousands of pounds of ostrich meat to Britain.

The farm, located on Poole Road in Knightdale, is the only U.S. company approved to sell ostrich meat in the U.K.

The company says ostrich meat is red, yet lower in fat than some fowl. It is, they say, an appropriate substitute for beef and is on the menus of several restaurants in the Triangle.

Oro Verde plans to ship 40,000 pounds per month now and eventually work up to 100,000 pounds per month.

British customers say they will take all the ostrich meat the company can supply

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