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Easier Storage, More Specific Searches and Speedy Comics Make Technology Headlines

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RALEIGH — Smaller desktop computers and more powerful search engines can be a big help at home or work. And if you feel the need for speed, WRAL's Tom Lawrence can help you find some online. Smaller Desktop Computer:IBM's new NetVista linetakes the computer out of the "box" and builds it into the keyboard and the back of the flat panel monitor.

The keyboard stores underneath the monitor, and the CD/DVD ROM and floppy drives fold into the monitor.

There is also a model that works as a great network machine.

NetVistas were developed in IBM's Research Triangle Park Personal Systems Group. Strong Search Engines:Looking for a more powerful search engine? AltaVista'sRaging.comsearches a Web index of 250 million pages and uses new methods of judging relevance.

If you are looking for a free power search agent, giveCopernic 2000a try. It is a free download and searches all major search engines.

You can search e-mail, newsgroups and of course, the Web. A browser displays the results. Several powerful features make Copernic very useful. Sklars Travel Country in Spyder:If you are looking for speed, follow twin comedians Jason and Randy Sklar online as they show off their new Toyota MR2 Spyder.

As they travel across the country, they interview people with a DV cam and put the featureson the Internet.