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Change Clocks This Weekend

Posted April 5, 1996 6:00 a.m. EST

— April 6, 1996 - 2:13 p.m. EST

This may be the last story written for WRAL On Line with an EST time stamp for the next six months. Sunday, 2 a.m. is the time to turn your clocks forward one hour to begin observing Daylight Savings Time.

There are those who like everything about DST except the hour lost in getting there. There are also those who like nothing about itand others who wish we stayed on it all year long.

Before the concept of DST, it was easy to calculate what time it was half-way around the world.

If, for instance, it was noon in your spot, it was midnight there.

But, now that DST exists, even inAustralia, it takes some mathematical prowess to figure it all out