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Watch Out James Bond; Here Comes Bill Gates

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RALEIGH — Cell phones, computers and the Internet make it possible for people to work longer hours in more places.

In Germany, Monday, people who work from their cars were introduced to the ultimate office on wheels.

The concept car has all the connectivity a person needs to run a company or a country. There is only oneMegaCarwhich puts it in the class of other super cars.

It's not a Bondmobile, but it is the basis for the world's highest tech office on wheels.

MegaCar is a modifiedMercedesS500. The $300,000 price tag includes $90,000 worth of computers, cameras and such.

As people work in the back seat, they have two computers at their disposal with monitors in the back of the head rests and a 17 inch LCD swing down monitor in the roof.

The car has a secure, wireless Internet connection at more than seven times the speed of a 28.8 modem, video conferencing at near broadcast quality, four TVs, a VCR, a DVD and a killer sound system.

People can hook up notebook computers at each seat with ethernet connection to the car's onboard network.

The need for speed is enhanced by boosting the big Benz's horsepower to 400.

AsData Protect, the company that built MegaCar, points out, it's ideal for heads of state, CEOs, successful stock traders and high-tech freaks who like to be on the edge of technology.

If $300,000 is too much money, the folks at Data Protect have a solution.

They can put all the high tech stuff into an old car for $90,000.