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Television Viewers Can Soon Purchase Music Via Remote Control

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RALEIGH — People will soon be able to watch music videos on TV, and at the same time, order a download of the music with just the press of a button.

World Theatreis partnering withOpenTVto distribute the music of famous artists and groups right to the living room. The idea is to cut down on the time span between when a new hit comes out and when someone can buy it.

"We'll be streaming video to set-top receivers through digital satellite technology," says Elliot Galdy, vice president of sales and marketing for World Theatre. "Viewers will be able to purchase music sitting on their couch using the remote control."

World Theatre hopes to create an on-demand marketplace for instant gratification. Once encoded, the music is yours to place on a CD or a handheld digital playback unit. World Theatre will also protect artists and record companies.

"This is not Internet-based so it is completely secure, and that's why we believe we'll have an advantage going into the marketplace with it," Galdy says.

Big-screen electronic billboards are another part of the business. LED-powered billboards are planned for high traffic areas and can be changed instantly.

"It's virtually being able to buy advertising on outdoor billboards by the minute and customize it as you will," Galdy says.

World Theatre has been in business only a few months but has big plans for the future. It hopes to have its Digital Music Distribution system operational later this year.


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