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Fayetteville Stores Plagued With Crime

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FAYETTEVILLE — March 28, 1996 - 5:00 p.m. EST

Fear is creeping up on some Fayetteville store clerks, and with good reason. In the past six weeks, two clerks have been killed and two others wounded during robberies there.

WRAL-TV 5'sRick Galltalked to some robbery victims and others close to the situation, and reports on the growing concern about over-the-counter violence.

Bubba Barnes was shot in the thigh during a robbery at the convenience store where he worked. He says he has not decided if he will return to work.Listen toaufile.

Store clerk Emily Morgan says she followed the advice of many and managed to escape injury.

Listen toaufile.

William Britton of the Fayetteville Police Department says Morgan was smart to comply. He says the easier it is for the robber to get money, the less likely it is that anyone will get hurt.

Listen toaufile.

Jim Colbert's wife is a night clerk in a convenience store. He says he worries about that.

Listen toaufile.

Police say there are a number of steps that convenience-type businesses can take to deter robberies.
  • A well-lit exterior and parking area
  • Good visibility through front windows
  • A policy of having two clerks on duty at night.
  • Visible security cameras, which not only serve as a deterrent, but can help catch a criminal in the event of a robbery.
  • If you worry about security from a customer standpoint, you can check with store management and find out if police suggestions are put into practice where you shop

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