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Apex Game Developer, Microsoft Step Into "Pocket" Technology

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RALEIGH — Microsoft has something new that fits in people's pockets to help them get organized, while "What's In My Pocket" is a new online game from the mind of an Apex entrepreneur. What's In My Pocket:"What's In My Pocket" is played online, but only four days a week. Game developer Christopher Gaw came up with the idea 20 years ago while rock climbing. He calls it trivia from the inside out.

"Based upon the contents of famous people's pockets, you're able to discover who they are through the things you can find in their pockets," Gaw says.

One thousand people have already signed up. People can sign up and play free for money. The weekly winner will receive $250.

Single clues are given Monday through Thursday in each of four categories. The game has been online for only three months and is being tweaked for more fun.

Gaw says that is what he and his co-developers intended to happen.

"We're all dads. We all have families," Gaw says. "We wanted them to go get their clues, make a little money and get offline."

Gaw says he hopes to expand "What's In My Pocket" to other games for kids, sports and movies. Microsoft's New Pocket PCs:Microsoft's new Pocket PCsare really made by Casio, Compaq, HP and Symbol.

The new personal digital assistants offer wireless operation, a slimmed-down Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft Word and Excel, an e-book reader, digital voice recorder and Windows Media Player for music and video.

"These devices have to do a good job of supporting real interactivity with the Web, the Internet and real wireless connectivity," says Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

Pocket PCs are already on the shelves in some stores.