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Cary Company Helps Bring 'Wild, Wild West' Back to the Future

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CARY — Remember Jim West and Artemus Gordon of "Wild, Wild West"? They are coming to thebig screen this summerwith Will Smith and Kevin Kline, and a local company was chosen to create a computer game to go along with the movie.

Warner Brotherspicked Cary'sSouthPeak Interactiveto develop and distribute a computer game based on the movie.

The walls at SouthPeak are covered with artwork from the company's computer games, including a new one based on the upcoming "Wild, Wild West."

"We've worked really closely with Warner Brothers Interactive group to help us get production materials from the movie," says producer Jim Simmons.

Multimedia designers Tim Matney and Paul Graham built complicated wire frame images that will later become 3D images.

"We've set it up with sort of a dummy, wire-frame model of him riding in, so we can set up the camera shots," Graham said.

The game features the same Victorian science fiction as the movie. But the game story line is different with West and Gordon uncovering a plot against President Ulysses Grant.

"There's a threat by the true executioners of Abraham Lincoln, so all the conspiracy theorists who like Oliver Stone's President Kennedy movie will like the game because it's going to be the same kind of thing," says game developer Doug Walker.

Work has been underway for months.

"Everybody's real excited about how it's coming together," says senior graphics designer Jeff McFall. "I think it's exceeded our expectations in a lot of ways."

SouthPeak hopes the movie release will boost sales.

"And that name recognition helps them go 'Oh, you know he was talking about that movie. He loved it, and so I bet he'll like the game,'" Simmons said.

The movie is scheduled to open July 2. SouthPeak's PC game comes out in the fall, and aSony PlayStationversion that is completely different is also being developed.

Robert Conrad, who was the original James T. West, portrays President Grant in the movie.

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