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Harnett County Home To Alleged Vigilante Group

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DUNN — March 27, 1996 - 3:14 p.m. EST

A member of an anti-government militia group known as the Civil Rights Task Force has been arrested by federal agents. Authorities say the group might be connected to the Montana Freemen, who are engaged in standoff with federal agents in Jordan, Mont.

Investigators believe that McLamb's Party and Beverage Store also is headquarters for the CRTF. Officials say owner Arvalee McLamb has admitted to holding a position of authority in the group, which doesn't believe in following government laws.

Members don't believe they should be required to have driver's licenses or pay taxes and child support, a credo that obviously gets some of them into trouble with the law.

McLamb was arrested at his store last week for allegedly threatening an IRS agent and a federal prosecutor. Authorities say he had written letters to the two agents about the arrest of another man, Jimmy Wells, on charges of bank fraud. The letters demanded that the agents appear in a common law court in Macon County.

Macon County is home to a similar group known as Americans for the Preservation of Constitutional Heritage, which along with the CRTF is believed to be affiliated with the Montana Freemen.

According to investigators, there are many other Harnett County residents with ties to the CRTF, which openly operates as a militia group.

McLamb and Wells appeared Wednesday before U.S. Magistrate Wallace Dixon in Raleigh. He ordered both men held without bond